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We meet Sundays at 10am at Pine Trail Camp

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following Jesus and fearlessly making him known.


40 Day Fearless Challenge

As we approach Easter, join us in a 40 day journey of learning into a fearless life with the Spirit. As a family of churches, we are asking the Spirit for the strength to say “no” to 1 THING (a “fleshly” desire), committing to reading 1 WORD (the Gospel of Mark) and praying for/pursuing 1 PERSON who doesn’t know Jesus and inviting them to Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Click Here to Read Along 

Raised To Life Baptism Class | March 17, After The Service

Thinking about getting baptized? Come learn more about this important step in the life of any Fearless Follower. thirdcoastff.org/believerbaptism 

Open Office | March 19, 5:30-7:00

We’re moving to two services! If you have questions, comments, ideas, concerns, please feel free to stop by and chat with the staff. We’d love to include you in the process. Contact pastor Aaron directly with questions and ideas, AaronB@fearlessfollower.org

Two Services! | Starting March 31, 9 & 11am

We are EXCITED to be growing and in need of more space to welcome guests and care for our children well. On Sunday March 31st we will move to two services times: 9am & 11am! Please contact us with your questions and ideas: AaronB@fearlessfollower.org

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