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We meet Sundays, 9 & 11 am, at Pine Trail Camp.

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following Jesus and fearlessly making him known.

Christmas can be one of the busiest time of the year! In our hurried and crazy schedules, we often miss the quiet simplicity of the season. Additionally, our consumer driven mentality and society can push us toward excess. What if we stripped away all the excess and got back to the simple heart of Christmas? What if a simple Christmas was really the best Christmas?

Better Together, Your Fingerprint Matters

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Who Will You Invite? | Christmas Eve Services

This year for Advent, we will be talking about simplifying Christmas down to one thought. Please begin praying over who God wants you to invite. December 24 at 4 & 6p

Is ROOTED your next step?

If you are new to Third Coast and want to learn what we are all about Rooted is an excellent next step to get connected into our church and meet some great people. Begins Jan. 12th. Click here to sign up!

Fearless Living- All Church Group Study

Have you been a part of our Fearless Family for awhile? Join a Fearless Living study group and take another step into community. This 10 week group experience begins on January 12th, childcare is provided. Register HERE!

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