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Providing Fearless Followers a thoughtful way to give and serve this Christmas season

As we celebrate Christ’s birth, giving to others in Christ’s name is a wonderful way to respond to God’s gift to us.

Giving Tree provides Fearless Followers a thoughtful way to partner with our local and regional missions to Pray, Serve and Give this Christmas season. 

To participate on-line, CLICK HERE

Or visit our Giving Trees in the Auditorium where you can: Choose a Tree, Pick an Ornament and Check in with a Volunteer

Pullman Ministries is hosting “Adopt a Family”

 Adopt a Family who lives in the Pullman area for Christmas by providing gifts for the family. You will be able to build relationships to bring hope and renewal to people in Pullman by hand delivering your gifts. For specific information, see below.


Douglas Elementary School

We are blessing our local community by partnering with Douglas Elementary and supporting families and children in need throughout their school.  During this covid-19 season, we want to extend the love of Christ through gifts for this community. For more specific information, see below.

Zambia – Jubilee Centre

We walk alongside Jubilee Centre as they equip and inspire pastors in their network of Churches, and bless their communities by being salt and light. See below for opportunities to pray and give.


Honduras & Guatemala

As a network, we support Avance Misionero Church in La Canada, Honduras and we partner with Paradise Bound Ministry who reaches people in Guatemala. See below for how you can give and pray for these ministries.

*Ornaments will be available November 29 – Dec 6.2020. 
*Please place your purchased gifts under the corresponding Giving Tree by Dec 14


If you choose to ‘adopt-a-family from Pullman, please:


A gift or gifts for each family member listed on the Family Profile.  We recommend that you stay within a range of $20 – $25 per family member.  You are welcome to wrap your gifts.


 Delivery options:

If you have chosen an ornament with the option of “bring your gifts to the family’s home:

  1. Contact your family to schedule a day/time to bring your gifts
  2. Please place your gifts in a box or bag and clearly/securely label – To: Family name/address, and; From: your name
  3. Deliver your gift: preferably during the week of December 14. Let your family know when you are coming and leave the gifts on their doorstep

If you have chosen an ornament with the option “Community Gathering”:

We hope to offer a “hot chocolate & cookie” gathering at the Linking Center in Pullman on Saturday, December 19, 2020. (915 – 56th Ave, Pullman, MI)

 **times: If your “Pullman family’s” last name begins with:


 A-L:  11a – 12pm         M-R:  12 – 1pm              S-Z:  1-2pm     


Families will plan on these times too. If you go to the gathering and find that your family can’t be there, you can leave your gifts at the Linking Center with the Pullman leaders.  They will deliver them.  It is very important that your gifts are clearly and securely labeled: 

To:            Your “adopted family’s” name/contact information

From:        Your first and last name.

 If you would rather drop your gifts off at Third Coast, please let us know. They need to be at TC by Monday, December 14, 2020 near the “Giving Trees”

If you would like to cultivate a relationship with your adopted family, when “safe/healthy to do so, you could:

  1. Invite them to meet you at the Linking Center on a specific Thursday evening for dinner and worship with Pullman Ministries
  2. Schedule a day/time to meet them in Pullman for an activity (i.e. out for pizza)



Pray for “your” family; starting today and throughout the coming year.

Father, may I be grateful for the tasks and activities of the season as I look for ways to reach out to others and brighten their day. Help me remember You’re the ultimate gift of all. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


  1. What would it feel like to receive holiday gifts from a stranger?
  2. What are other ways to cheer up families in need over the holidays?

Contact:         Mary Jo with general questions                                                


Contact:         Melinda Jones’s (cell – day of event)              616.886.301   


Directions; The Linking Centre: Their address is:  943 56th St, Pullman, MI 49450: Travel South on I-196. Take exit 26 for 109th Ave toward Pullman.  Turn right on 109th.  Travel 5.8 miles.  Turn left at the blinking light on 56th.



If you choose to support a Douglas Elementary Family, please:


We are asking for gift cards to Meijer or Walmart, of increments of $50 (50,100,150 etc.), that will be delivered to the families by the principal of Douglas Elementary. We ask that you bring a holiday card, with the gift card and an encouraging note inside, to Third Coast by December 14.


Please pray for the family that may be receiving your gift, that God will use it to open doors in their lives for the Gospel. Pray that they would feel the blessings and comfort of God in this season.



If you choose to support Zambia through the Jubilee Centre, please:


*Consider sponsoring a child through Jubilee Centre. $38/month provides funds for school fees & uniform, shoes, and seed money for a small business.  Jubilee Centre empowers families through their savings and lending program to move toward become self-sustaining. 


*For Jubilee Centre staff as they work to be salt and light in their community

*With the coming rainy season comes house collapses. Pray for protection and provision

*JC staff have chosen  3 exceptional students to receive the FF/JC scholarship funds. Pray for the students and JC team as they sign their MOU. (School starts mid-January)

*For children and their families on sponsorship as they use the tools from the savings and lending program to move towards becoming self-sustaining


*Praise the Lord for the newly built house for Evana and her family, it was an emotional time for both mother and daughter, they cried the whole time. They are planning to open a Bible study group at the house.



If you choose to support Honduras through Avance Misionero Church & Compassion International, please:



*Consider sponsoring a vulnerable child in La Canada, through Compassion International, for $38/month 



*For the 50 families who live in La Canada. The Honduran Government is starting to allow people to work and travel to pick up food. It will take time to re-activate the economy after 9 months of quarantine

*For a husband/wife team to pastor La Canada Avance Church

*For the children, that they stay healthy and can resume in person classes soon



 *That at this time there is no one in La Canada with the COVID virus


For more information, contact



If you choose to support Guatemala through Paradise Bound Ministries, please:



*For the health and safety of the children and caregivers at Open Doors Orphanage

*For schools in Guatemala to resume in person classes so we can increase the number of children who are being reached with the Action Bible Program, and resume Pastor Training at the PBM Bible Institute

*For the international borders to remain open for travel so our 2021 mission teams will be allowed to share the Gospel in remote villages in Guatemala

 *For our Guatemalan and U.S. Missionaries as they daily do “Whatever it Takes” to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ





*Small gifts for the children (ages 0-6) who live in the orphanage at PBM’s base

*Over the counter meds and vitamins

*Bookmarks with Bible verses written in Spanish

*Stickers/pencils, i.e Jesus Loves You – Jesús te ama



Contact: for more information. Please drop off your gifts to Third Coast, under the Giving Trees