Life Groups

Living as a family of disciples on mission

Life Groups are families of disciples who live on a mission. We train our Life Group Leaders to provide healthy and sustainable rhythms that equip a Life Group to be a family of disciples on mission.

At their core, Life Groups are where we give and receive help to follow Jesus as a family of disciples on mission.

Every Life Group creates three environments for these areas of development:

Enjoying Each Other

Every Life Group determines how often to gather for picnics, community events, birthday parties and outings. This is where an entire Life Group – kids and Guests, too! — come together to enjoy each other:

Caring for One Another Life Groups honestly share and meet group members’ tangible needs. Our Care & Support ministry helps are a good resource for Life Groups when needs become too large for a Life Group to manage alone.

Including Children & Students Children and students are important members of our spiritual family. The Family environment allows for food spills, rambunctious children and silly fun.

Welcoming Guests Jesus’ family is open to everyone – anyone can become a Fearless Follower! When a Life Group plans their calendar, they intentionally schedule times to invite others into the group, even if only for a one-time visit.

We recommend groups consider gathering at least once a month as a Family, but each person’s season of life and the group’s developmental stage will impact a Life Group’s gathering rhythms.

Growing as Disciples

Jesus’ posture toward His disciples as they shared the Last Supper, expresses how we aim disciple one another. Around that Table, Jesus offered grace, a Jesus identity and a God-sized purpose to all of His disciples – including Peter and Judas who would betray Him. We encourage our Life Groups to form subgroups comprised of 2-3 people of the same gender who do three things:

Study Scripture Ridge Point offers a Bible Reading Journal to help Life Groups engage Scripture. We offer a Bible study method to help a Table Group handle Scripture well.

Share Honestly Every Fearless Follower needs an affirming environment to share their lives openly and honestly. We believe a gender-specific group of 2-5 people helps this happen well.

Pray Together In every Table environment, group members pray for one another’s needs and for people in their lives who don’t yet know Jesus.

We recommend Life Groups form subgroups that gather once a week around a Table. The configuration of this time should reflect the needs, personalities and spiritual pursuit of the group. For instance, some Life Groups’ Table environment will include everyone in their group (instead of subgroups of 2-3 people of the same gender) so they can do a marriage study together. Some Life Groups will engage Scripture through BSF or their own Bible study while others will use the Ridge Point Bible Reading Journal. All of these are great options.

Living on Mission

Some Life Groups form around a shared missional pursuit. Other Life Groups missionally engage their individual spheres of influence. Every Life Group takes time to encourage one another to live missionally. We teach our Life Groups how to:

Share the Gospel & Your Faith Story Every Fearless Follower can share the story of God’s move to rescue mankind, and every Fearless Follower has a faith story to share. Life Groups are the place to learn how to share these stories with others.

Respond to the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is given to help us pursue and live God’s purpose for our lives. Using The Ten-Second Rule as a tool, we equip each other to identify and obey the Spirit’s promptings to engage our world.

Restore Justice & Mercy We live in an area that offers many wonderful things to our families, but there are things about our communities that put a knot in our stomachs: socio-economic inequality, orphaned children, racial tension, etc. Life Groups help group members see and missionally respond to these pleas for justice and mercy.

Some Life Groups will missionally engage local neighbors through service projects. Others will adopt a specific demographic or location. Others will engage global neighbors through trips and projects offered by our Missional Engagement Team.