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As a volunteer in the nursery at church it is easy to get caught up in the “tasks” that accompany caring for infants and toddlers, let’s face it, there are many. From comforting the crying 18 month old who misses her Mommy, changing the diaper of the 6 month old who just had a diaper explosion and now needs not only a new diaper, but also a new set of clothes, to wrangling the 2 year olds for snack and story time, there is no lack of “tasks” to be done. Perhaps the most important of tasks is the one that so often gets shuffled to the back of our priority list, PRAYER!

Delanee Williams, Kids Ministry Specialist with LifeWay Christian Resources, has fabulous insight into this very thing in her article “Praying for Babies and Their Families”. Speaking to nursery volunteers/teachers she says:

As a teacher, you influence a baby’s life as you teach him each week. The Holy Spirit works through you to lay spiritual foundations of faith. Prayer is another way to impact families with babies. As teachers, we can pray for the babies in our class. Use the suggestions listed below to begin your prayer time during the week. As you continue to pray, think of additional ways to pray for the babies in your class.

  • Pray for babies as they grow and develop emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.
  • Pray for the marriages of the parents and guardians. Pray they will make church a priority in their family’s life.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit as parents seek to provide a godly home for their family.
  • Pray your relationship as a teacher deepens with families as they trust you to care for their baby. Seek the Lord to find ways to build connections with these families.
  • Pray for your preparation and spiritual growth as you teach babies biblical truths each week.
  • Pray for sensitivity to know ways to minister and share the gospel with the families of babies in your class.

Pray for the babies before, during, and after the teaching session.  Commit to pray each day for the children in your class. As you pray, keep a journal of ways you see the Lord working in and through you. During the year, look back through the journal. Reflect and recognize ways the Lord has answered your prayers. Seek the Lord and remember He is with you as you teach and minister to the babies and their families at your church.

Following Jesus and Making Him Known,

Mia Heyboer