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Take your next missional step in your city and the surrounding area.

our dream

Empowering and equipping Fearless Followers to form relationships that bring Jesus’ transformation in our city.

Why missions?

Bring the Love and mercy of Jesus to your area of influence

Local and regional missional initiatives work with partners where we live, work, and play to provide you with your next step in reaching others with the love and hope of Jesus and restoring what’s broken in the world around us.

We work with many partners to reach people through church planting, pastoral training, child sponsorships and missions trips. We work to restore what’s broken through foster care and adoption, mentoring, recovery programs and life-skills training. 

There’s plenty of opportunity for every follower of Jesus to engage missionally.


Pine Trail Camp

We are thankful to partner with Pine Trail Camp to provide a safe and inspirational facility for urban church groups and local schools. It’s a place to experience outdoor adventure and encounter the love of Christ. Beyond simply meeting at the camp for Church gatherings our members volunteer for camp maintenance, sponsor local children to receive camp scholarships, and collaborate for long-term development on the mission and facility of camp. We encourage all of our members to keep supporting the amazing work of Pine Trail Camp!

Learn more:  Pine Trail Camp or 269-857-2564

Local Schools

We believe in the value and impact of public education! Our members partner with local schools to provide holiday family relief, volunteer classroom support, teacher care and encouragement, annual trauma education and ongoing support of school events and programs.

We encourage all of our members to be advocates for their local schools and to be as involved as they are able in a way that advances the educational goals and holistic support of the students and teachers.

Learn more: contact thirdcoast@fearlessfollower.org or 616.582.2720 about current projects and to get support with your school-related project.

Community Events

Our community has a vibrant social life that already builds community and supports local causes. Our members are active is local charities, fundraises, awareness efforts and social clubs. We encourage them to include other Fearless Followers in their spheres of influence as they continue to use their social and financial resources to bring unity and reconciliation to our cities and region.

Learn more: contact thirdcoast@fearlessfollower.org or 616.582.2720 about current projects and to get support with your school-related project.


People Helping People

People Helping People of Pullman exists to show the love of Jesus Christ by serving our friends and neighbors.

Learn more: Contact Mike Jones


MOSAIC exists to empower those stepping into the lives of foster, adoptive and vulnerable children through authentic community, mentoring, education, wrap around support and encouragement.

Learn more: Contact Wendy Cheek

70 x 7

70 x 7 Walks alongside families with a loved one who is entering or leaving the prison system by educating families of incarcerated individuals on what to expect and how to work with the prison system and giving ongoing support for family members and developing a sense of community.

Learn more: Contact Cal Lubbers.

LoveINC, Pullman

LOVE In the Name of Christ is not the ministry in and of itself, but simply the clearinghouse, discovering needs, matching resources, and equipping and encouraging partner churches in their involvement within the network.

Learn more: Contact Mike Jones

Pullman Ministries

Building relationships to bring hope and renewal through God’s truth.

Learn more: Contact Mike Jones

Our Guides

Get to know the people involved in our missional inititives.

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