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What We Are Doing

Living as a Family of Disciples on Mission

Organizational Initiatives are ministry partnerships led by our staff and members.

Each of these programs has an ongoing focus team, regular activities, and exist to bring the hope and healing of the Gospel to a broken world.

70x7 Life Recovery

Join us in creating new stories for those men and women returning to our community from incarceration or working towards recovery from addictions. Relationships are the cornerstone towards restoration, jobs skills and employment.

Contact Ron Bechtel or visit

American Heritage Girls

We are committed to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country. The organization offers badge programs, service projects, girl leadership opportunities, and outdoor experiences. It serves as a catalyst for building strong Christ centered leaders & helping girls give footsteps to their faith.

Contact: Michelle Hulst, 616-499-5410.

EC Brooks Prison

Over 2,000 men are incarcerated at the prison we serve in Muskegon, MI. Statistically, 95% of these inmates will eventually return to their community. We are building intimate relationships through different program avenues and rejoice as all of us grow in our spiritual walk, learn to work out our differences peacefully and experience hope.

Contact: Doug Cupery, 616-550-0587

Lakeshore LifeWorks

What happens to those youths that are aging out of the foster care system? That’s a great question as we work to link the body of Christ with them.  There are opportunities to bring relationships, bible study, worship, life-skills, and stable housing solutions. Join us at our 11-acre retreat center in Holland that is equipped with housing, walking trails, “The Barn” worship center, and our Chapel in the Woods.

Contact: Rick Mannes, 616-836-2691

Mosaic Foster/Adopt

Mosaic actively encourages and supports families engaged in foster care, adoption, kinship care and Safe Families. Through the formation of authentic relationships, Mosaic strives to provide children and their families with a sense of community, hope and belonging. Mosaic’s support system, along with counseling and access to financial resources for those considering adopting, helps ensure that no child or family walks alone through the adoption or foster care process.

Contact: Wendy Cheek, 616-688-5172. Visit to learn more about the impact Mosaic is having on children and families.

Outdoor Ministry

The Outdoor Ministry provides enjoyable and educational outdoor events which will build friends with other outdoors people with-in our church. This group sponsors outdoor-related events such as potlucks, seminars and activities that are suitable for individuals or entire families to enjoy.

Contact: Bill Emery, 616-510-3524 or Anne Brush, 616-212-3130

Pullman Ministries

Through the building of strong relationships, we join with the Pullman community in bringing hope and love that is found in Jesus Christ to area residents. Together, we are reaching out to the local children and youth in tangible ways. God has great plans in Pullman and is using this ministry to develop spiritually mature disciples. An important piece is the Thursday night service that includes a meal, worship, prayer and learning for children, students, and adults.

Adult Ministry: Melinda Jones, 616.883.3010.

Kid’s Club: Emily Van Dam, 616.283.6265.


Our purpose is to partner with Shalom Church in their church growth, church planting and educational development while simultaneously giving Ridge Pointers an opportunity to experience mission together. For the last 5 years, Ridge Point families have been deepening the relationship with the people of Shalom Church and the community of San Pedro. Join us on one of our trips this spring break or throughout the year for a tropical adventure that is sure to benefit you, your family, and the Kingdom.

Contact: Bryan Linn, 616.990.5899.

Click here to learn more about an upcoming trip.


Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America and residents are faced with high unemployment, unsafe water, and low educational levels.  In addition to planting a church, our partnership has focused on building church leaders, training children’s ministry leaders, developing a prison ministry team and equipping leaders to teach others how to handle their finances.

Contact: Jack Dykstra or  Mary Jo Busscher.

Click here to learn more about an upcoming trip.


World leaders have called the global HIV/AIDS pandemic “the greatest humanitarian crisis in history.” In Zambia, nearly 1 in 7 people are currently living with HIV/AIDS. Every day, 115 people are newly infected and 74 will die because of the disease. As a result, over 600,000 children under the age of 17 are orphaned because of this pandemic. Our partner, Jubilee Centre, has a network of nearly 90 churches and equip church leaders to combat the AIDS crisis, crush poverty through job creation and empower children to lead through quality education.  We have joined them as they develop transformational spiritual leaders to impact these challenges.

Contact: Mary Jo Busscher, 616-218-6235.

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Child Sponsorships

Your sponsorship helps provide for basic family nutrition along with Christ centered oversight and involvement from the local church.  Click here to begin you child sponsorship!

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Your sponsored child would love to hear from you!  Click here to send a note to your sponsored child.

Start Something New!

Our goal is that every member at Ridge Point would have the tools to make their missional dream a reality. If you have an idea for a Missional Initiative, we want to share it with our community!