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Mission Sentral: December 13, 6pm

West Michigan is a great place to live! Right now there’s snow on the ground (and more coming!). Just a few weeks ago, we were cheering for our favorite football teams and enjoying a warmer-than-normal Fall. And in just a few short months, we’ll welcome tourists to our beaches and festivals. This is a great place to live – good schools, safe neighborhoods and growing diversity.

But there are realities in West Michigan that break our hearts. Sex trafficking. Housing inequity. Strained marriages. Bullying. When we encounter these things, our hearts break. We lay in bed at night wondering how long these things will continue, and with a heart full of good intentions, we often feel that our efforts to solve these things simply isn’t enough. And it’s true. Alone, neither you nor I can solve the problems we see around us.

What if we worked together, though? What if Fearless Followers came together to collaboratively think and pray through how to reach people with the hope and love of Jesus while restoring justice and mercy in our world? What would it look like for us to live as a family of disciples on mission? This is why we offer Mission SENTral. Because living as one disciple on an individual mission can make an impact. But living together, as a family of disciples on mission multiplies our efforts.

Mission SENTral provides a inexpensive dinner ($5 per person) and free childcare for families. For adults, we start with an encouraging large group time of sharing stories and helpful teaching, followed by breakouts that help us explore topics in smaller groups. This month at Mission SENTral, we’ll explore:

5:30 Missional Initiative Leaders Pre-Meeting:

  • Bringing Hope through Our Actions (Kate Steenwyk, Elder Board Chairperson)

6:00 Dinner: 

  • $5 per person

6:30 Large Group 

  • Cory Potter (Cultivate Lead Pastor) will explore the idea of Living out Scripture

7:30 Breakouts

  • Responding to Sex Trafficking (Douglas Cupery, Ridge Point Local Missional Engagement Pastor)
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Living out Scripture (Steffanie Vlasity, Third Coast Community Life Director)
  • Facilitating Conversation (Dan Fisher, Ridge Point Community Life Pastor)
  • Living on mission in Belize, Honduras, Pullman, Brooks, Mosaic and more

There’s no need to register for Mission SENTral. Join us Tuesday, December 13 for an evening designed to help us link arms, living together as a family of disciples on mission.

Hope to see you there,

Dan Fisher
Community Life Pastor