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A Call To Prayer

As you all know, Hurricane Irma is causing devastation in Caribbean Islands and is currently bearing down on Florida. We as God’s people need to pray!

  • Pray for the people who have already been devastated or impacted by Irma.
  • Pray that God will turn the storm back out into the Atlantic.
  • Pray that people in the path of the Hurricane will be wise and evacuate. Give them safe travel.
  • Pray for those in our services who will intentionally stay behind (police, fire, national guard, etc.) to be effective and safe.
  • Pray for those still suffering in Houston and Southeast Texas from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
  • Pray for our church and the Church in the United States to meet this challenge head on and provide help and hope in Jesus’ name.

Kevin Pike

Senior Pastor, Fearless Network of Churches