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One of the ways God reveals himself in this current age is through the love of his followers toward each other. Especially during the Holidays, we have a unique and special privilege to love in a way that shows Jesus to the world.

Here is a list some of our Fearless Leadership Residents put together this week to help give you some ideas for spreading the love!

1. Clear the Way!
Shovel your neighbor’s snow.

2. Chef Santa
Make and deliver a meal.

3. Stuff the Stocking
Buy and deliver presents for a family struggling with funds.

4. Need an Extra Hand?
Offer to take care of or babysit pets and/or kids.

5. Beep! Beep! Need a Ride?
Offer someone a ride for groceries, shopping, or work.


7. Knock-Knock Housekeeping?
Offer to help clean your neighbor’s house.

8. Deck the Halls!
Help put up lights and decorations.

9. Winter Wonderland Block Party
Invite your neighbors over for snowball fights and snowman competitions.

10. Something Sweet Party
Invite someone into home for decorating sugar cookies and drinking hot chocolate.

11. See a Need…Fill a Need
Car ride, clothes, food, piano tuning, a Christmas tree, building a wheelchair ramp, anything!

13. Go Tell It on the Mountain!
Put the Unwrapped Christmas Eve yard sign at your home and invite neighbors to come with you!

14. Holidate 
Have kids 5th-12th grades? Encourage them to invite other kids to go with them to Tribe or Amplify. While they are out, take their parents out to a coffee shop or café.

15. “Look out!”
Know of an awesome hill? Invite some neighbors to go sledding with you!

16. Community Serving Community
Invite your neighbors to join you in serving at a soup kitchen, rescue mission, or hospital.

18. Wrap It Up!
Have giftwrap and tape ready; have your neighbors over for a giftwrap party.

19. Look out for the Lonely
For those who don’t have any plans, or don’t have anywhere to go, invite them over for Christmas.

20. Better than a Cup of Sugar
Make goodie bags or bake some cookies with your family and deliver them to your neighbors! Yum!